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A Regular Event in Cleftlands is an annual event usually at the end of January in the Barony of the Cleftlands.


It was started by then Seneschal Lord Ephraim ben Schlomo in January, 1995 because he wanted an event he could fight at in the winter which at the time was filled with more sedate 12th Night type events. The first event was called "A Regular Event in Cleftlands, No Really" part of the joke was that the Cleftlands at that point was known for theme events, such as our Armorer's and Needleworker's Guild events and not your typical "regular" SCA event.

Of course as an event founded on its lack of a theme... the event quickly developed themes each year.

1995 No Really 2005 Brendoken Skirmishes 2015 Roman Saturnalia
1996 Yes Really 2006 A Day of Chivalry and Romance 2016 Dancing with the Tsars
1997 Of Course 2007 Pesky Peasants 2017 Love vs. Death
1998 Yeah Verily 2008 Crusade and TOC 2018 40th Anniversary
1999 Marco Polo Mar 17 2009 Bridges of Venice 2019
2000 All for Love 2010 Festival of Fools 2020
2001 A New World 2011 2021
2002 First Khan-Tact 2012 The 14th Warrior 2022
2003 Mid-Winter Hunt 2013 Gloriana's Frost Faire 2023
2004 The Feast of St. Clairiel 2014 A Feast at Candlemastide 2024
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