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This box is nice, but not the same as our other populace pages. Do we want to adjust our standard populace template to match it more? *ponder*

Copying it here before I remove it from the main page:

Duke Cariadoc of the Bow , KSCA, OP
Cariadoc of the Bow

In office
September, 1969 – October, 1970
Reigned with Diana
Succeeded by Franz and Abrizhade

In office
May, 1971 – October, 1971
Reigned with Diana
Preceded by Franz and Abrizhade
Succeeded by Iriel and Morna

Succeeded by Andrew of SeldomRest

In office
July 8, 1972 – October 15,1972
Reigned with Diana
Preceded by Rakkuri and Maureen
Succeeded by Jehan and Lauryan

In office
October 19, 1974 – April 19, 1975
Reigned with Diana
Preceded by Asbjorn and Eloise
Succeeded by Asbjorn and Brekke

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