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Rickard at Christmas Dinner Feast)
Status:Current Member
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Mid-13th century English

Being the youngest son of a poor knight, Rickard mostly had to make his own way in life. He followed the King's army from battle to battle earning regular pay if not recognition. Rickard's life is mostly settled now...living on a small estate called Gryphon's Rest with his wife The Honorable Lady Genevieve de Saint-Malo, his daughter Rebecca, and their cat Olive.

Offices & Positions

Past Positions in Rivenvale:

  • Seneschal
  • Exchequer
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • Chronicler
  • Web Minister
  • List Moderator

Current Positions in Rivenvale:

  • Chatelain
  • Demo Coordinator
  • Quarter Maister
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal
  • Frequently Event Steward
  • Master of the Rivenvale Drinking Guild


Rickard officially joined the SCA in Anno Societatis XXXII (A.S. 32 -- 1997) and is a founding member of the Shire of Rivenvale including being the author/compiler of the full status advancement packet.

Mundanely he is an engineer by trade so if you have something you need the snot planned out of, he is your person. There will be charts and graphs, lists and messages, meetings and yes, probably some follow up meetings.

He is partially color blind. His favorite color is blue since it is one he can see well. One major complaint Rickard has is that there is not enough blue food in the world. Another is the no one has invented a ripeness detector for bananas.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Rickard enjoys camping, armored combat, thrown weapons, dancing, archery, knitting, teaching, and luceting among other things.

Classes Taught

Rickard is willing to teach a class and/or share what he knows on any of the below subjects:


  • 101 - selecting tools and supplies if you are just getting started
  • Make-take - belt, pouch, mug strap
  • Period versus modern tools and procedures
  • Planning your own projects, selecting the correct leather, and making templates
  • Tooling - both period replicas and modern
  • Painting, staining, dyeing
  • Armoring
  • Bookbinding
  • Shoe making
  • Artisan’s row display

Thrown Weapon:

  • Beginning thrown weapons - ax, knife
  • Intermediate thrown weapons - ax, knife, spear
  • Advanced thrown weapons - working with people with disabilities
  • Thrown weapons marshal in training

SCA Life:

  • Introduction to the SCA
  • Who is who, how do you tell them apart, and what do you do when you run across them
  • SCA traditions
  • Award summary, & what to do if you get called into court
  • General SCA camping prep & how to make your camp look medieval-ish
  • Pennsic prep
  • Event staff training


  • Period cordials
  • Lucetting
  • Rope splicing and knots useful in camp
  • Banner and pennon making
  • Wood chest/bench workshop
  • Wood X-chair workshop
  • Period board/dice games
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