Pennsic XLIX

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Dates:July 29 - Aug 14, 2022
Attendance:gate count
War Points:number of war points
Who won?: Midrealm East Allies No one
King and Queen: Runa K II and Arch II
Prince and Princess: Prince and Princess
Mayor: Gregory of Loch Swan

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Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Amani Bey ibn Masha'al al-Sabti 12-Aug-2022 Purple Fret
  • Stevyn Silverthorne of Drachenmoor 12-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Lars Wolfsblut 12-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Konrad der Lowe von Ulm 12-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Refkell Melrakki Einarsson 12-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Hosokawa Gentarou Masahiro 12-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Midlands Army - Pennsic 49 12-Aug-2022 Dragon's Teeth
  • Murphy 12-Aug-2022 Award of Paws
  • Katherine Vivians 11-Aug-2022 Defence
  • Brangwayn Snowden 11-Aug-2022 Pelican
  • Prudence of colleah 11-Aug-2022 Bronze Ring
  • Zuriel Aurelius Nightshade 11-Aug-2022 Red Company
  • Adelea Kramer 11-Aug-2022 Red Company
  • Arnora in Skarpa 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Vigfuss mjoksiglandi 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Thor of Roaring Wastes 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Marion of Roaring Wastes 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Geminus Balthus 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthus (called Rutgur) 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Hortor 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Roland of Rivenstar 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Tomas MacOdrain 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Sofie of Brendoken 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Tooth
  • Irene Earlsmuddar 11-Aug-2022 Award of Arms
  • Army on Southern Bridge in 5th Bridge Battle of Pennsic 49 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Teeth
  • Constellation and Warriors on Middle Bridge in 5th Bridge Battle of Pennsic 49 11-Aug-2022 Dragon's Teeth

Champions Teams





Arts and Sciences

My First Pennsic

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