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A very popular dance style in the SCA. Many of the dances done in the SCA come from John Playford's English Dance Master which was published in 16-something, and thus one of the most frequently used out of period sources.

There are just a few basic forms of English Country Dances:

  1. "USA" Dances (Up and back, Siding, Arming)
  2. Circle Dances
  3. Dances in a square
  4. Progressional Dances (Almost all of this type of dance are very much out of period.)

Some popular English Country Dances:

Dance Steps

Most English country dances follow a set pattern of steps interspersed with inventive choruses. In the USA style the formula is: Linear movement (Up a double and back), Chorus, Siding, Chorus, Arming, Chorus.

The chorus varies from dance to dance; sometimes the chorus is the same each time and sometimes it differs. The Hay step frequently appears in the chorus.

  • Set and Turn
  • Siding
  • Arming
  • Hay
    • Circular Hay
    • Handed Hay
    • Mirror Hay
    • Sheep-shank Hay
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