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Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.
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SCA Officer Experience

Seneschal | Shire of Dark River JUNE 2021- PRESENT

Kingdom Events Coordinator | Middle Kingdom FEBRUARY 2020- PRESENT

Webminister | Shire of Dark River JANUARY 2020- PRESENT

Minister of Arts and Science | Shire of Dark River SEPTEMBER 2012- JUNE 2021

Thuban Herald | Middle Kingdom AUGUST 2016 – AUGUST 2019

Group Herald | Shire of Dark River NOVEMBER 2014- NOVEMBER 2017

Group Rapier Marshal | Shire of Dark River JUNE 2016- FALL 2017

Event Related Experience

• 2019: Guest Services Head/ Staff for Middle Kingdom 50 Year Celebration

• 2017-2022: Event Steward and creator of Courting on the River (Shire of Dark River’s annual event)

• 2020: Co-Event Steward for Midlands Regional A&S

• 2019: Event Steward for the Shire of Dark River’s 40th Anniversary and Midlands Regional A&S

• 2014: Event Steward for the Shire of Dark River’s 35th Anniversary event

Other Activities

• Protégé to Baroness Epona Brodin. Fostered by Baroness Hilary of Langeforde

• Student of Master Gunnarr Alfljot

• Primary Writer of the Shire of Dark River Charter and Financial Policy

• Actively involved in public demos for the SCA.

• Actively teaching in a variety of subjects. Currently focused on teaching about accessibility in the SCA and making events more accessible for all as well as historical topics related to disability.

• Available to consult on event accessibility for specific events.

• Deputy to the Midlands Regional Minister of Arts and Science.

• Deputy to the Shire of Dark River Social Media Officer

• Background Checked


• Award of Arms: February 28, 2004

• Purple Fret: January 21, 2017

• Willow: May 26, 2018

• Group awards:

o Grove: February 28, 2004 (Troupe Rakset al-Nehri)

o Purple Fretty: August 9, 2012 (Mother Hen Pointe)

o Purple Fretty: May 15, 2021 (RUM Staff)

RUM Degrees

• Student Degree: Licentiate Emphasizing Textiles and Domestic Arts 2020

• Student Degree: Licentiate Emphasizing SCA and Historic Topics 2021

• Student Degree: Adept Emphasizing SCA and Historic Topics 2021

• Student Degree: Graduate Emphasizing SCA and Historic Topics 2021

Classes I am available to teach

-Accessibility in the SCA

-Building an Event

-Hosting a Kingdom Level Event

-Disability During the Middle Ages

-Building a Glass Bead Making Kit

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