Aiden Elfeadur

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Status:Current Member
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Azure, a mullet of four points within a bordure or

Master Aiden Elfeadur considers himself something of a "Peer errant" devoted to random acts of arts and sciences and improving the society wherever, and whenever he is able.

Name pronunciation: (Ay-den El-Fey-a-dur)



Offices & Positions

Former Cleftlands Seneschal - Aiden was Cleftlands seneschal for over 6 years from 1987 until 1994 and there was quite a bit of drama when he finally declared he was stepping down!

Frequent feast steward.


His household is House Lalaiel

Aiden is happily married to Hely d'Isigny

Laurel Lineage

I do not believe he was ever an apprentice and for many years he was the only active Laurel in the Barony and so did not take apprentices of his own, rather choosing to help the various artists of the Barony as a whole.

He was elevated for his Calligraphy and Illumination which is truly astounding, but he excels so at cooking and dance that it would be hard to guess which art lead to his elevation!

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

Random acts of Arts and Sciences. Cooking, Costuming, Pigment-making, Calligraphy, Illumination, Dance

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