Acelina of Derelei

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HE Mistress Acelina of Derelei
Resides:Canton of , Barony of Ayreton
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.

Azure, a chevron invected between two roses argent barbed and seeded proper and a bald human head in profile couped argent.



Households and Dependencies

HE Mistress Acelina is co-leader of House Fox Rose with Sir Gueric der Wilde Fuchs

Her dependents are:
Kendra Cameron - former protege, now Mistress of the Pelican
Rois Alann inghean Ui Fhlaithbheartaigh - protege
Thomas der Kreuzfahrer - protege
Tieron Alauinn - student
Cezara cel Asemanare - student
Rudolf Tomasson - student
Helga - student

Offices & Positions

Current Offices
Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences (Ayreton) Seneschal (Canton of Vanished Wood)

Past Offices and Positions
Youth Officer

Awards and Achievements

Award Given
Order of the Pelican 07 Aug, 2008 (A.S. 43)
Court Baron / Baroness 26 Aug, 2017 (A.S. 52)
Order of the Dragon's Heart 12 Feb, 2005 (A.S. 39)
Order of the Willow 10 May, 2002 (A.S. 37)
Award of the Purple Fret 03 Apr, 2004 (A.S. 38)



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