98th Reign of the Middle Kingdom

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King: Ákos of Roaring Wastes

Queen: Bella Roisin O'Coileain

Crown Tournament: May 27, 2018 (A.S. 53)

Coronation: September 29, 2018 (A.S. 53) held in the Canton of Wealdlake in the region of Pentamere.


Notable events:

Royal Retinue


  • King's Champion: Sgt. Charles Gotzfurboter
  • Queen's Champions: Duchess Vukasin of Lozengia
  • King's Rapier Champion:
  • Queen's Rapier Champion:
  • Equestrian Champion:
  • Archery Champion:
  • Thrown Weapons Champion:
  • A&S Champion:
  • Bard:
  • Bard:

Royal Staff:

Knights/Masters elevated:

Laurels elevated:

Pelicans elevated:

Masters of Defense elevated:

Curia Regis:

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