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Yang features in many early histories. A founder of the Dark Horde.

Laurel Lineage

Yang was made a Laurel in A.S. 6. There is some confusion as to the field; "Bardic Arts" is the common belief, however Yang himself is said to have stated his Laurel was in Politics. Notably he was made a Laurel before the creation of the Order of the Pelican and his outstanding service to the society may have been part of the impetus behind his elevation.


Yang was also a noted Science Fiction author


From Steven Mesnick via FB:

The “El Calls Yang” story, as requested.

This is one of those “SCA Legends” that actually turns out to be true. I asked Master El about it several times, privately and before different audiences, and he always confirmed it, although, being El, he never told it •quite• the same way twice.

Way back in the shrouded mists of time, when rocks were soft and air was in beta-test, El of Two Knives was Seneschal of the Eastern Kingdom (as it was often called then). Now, keep in mind that this was well before them computer things all the kids are playing with nowadays. We used stationery, and stamps, and we liked it. Or if the matter was urgent, we called. On the telephone. Long distance. Which cost an extra fee, usually for the first three minutes and every minute thereafter.

So El, in New York City, had to get in touch with this fellow in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The guy wasn’t listed in any regnum, since he wasn’t a Kingdom or local officer. He was, however, the leader of a large and influential household, called the Great Dark Horde. El didn’t have his number, and he didn’t know his mundane name.

Well, back in those days, some Scadians took to having a second listing in the telephone directory (which was an actual book) under their SCA name. In Boston, for many years, you could find “Carolingia, B.”, and if you dialed that, you’d get The Buttery, the legendary SCA boarding house owned by Marian of Edwinstowe. So El, being desperate, gave it a shot.

The following conversation ensued.

OPERATOR: Long-distance information. What city?

EL: Ann Arbor, Michigan, please.

OP: One moment. Connecting.

ANN ARBOR OPERATOR: What listing, please?

EL: Um, would you happen to have a listing for a “Nauseating, Y.T.”?

AAO: <pause>

OTHER OPERATOR NEARBY: “Yang the Nauseating? I know him! He lives in my apartment building.”


AAO: The number for Asprin, Robert Lynn*, is...

And El and Yang had their chat.

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