Winged Trine

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Order of the Winged Trine
[[Image: |200px]]
Blazon:Purpure, in pale a pair of wings conjoined to three piles inverted in point Or.
Registered:August 1984
to:Barony of the Cleftlands

The Order of the Winged Trine was the Baronial Award of the Barony of the Cleftlands. It was awarded for "Achieving the Impossible."


As a Baronial Award, this Award does not convey Precedence.

Rights and Privileges


The Order was created by the founding Baron, Laurelen Darksbane.

A Trine is a tri-sected angle. Medievally it was believed to be impossible mathematically to trisect an angle. Thus the award was given for "Achieving the Impossible."

Not surprisingly it was not given out often and was retired as an Order at His Grace Laurelen's Request when he resigned as Baron in April 2002.

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