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Vikings Go Home! was an event held by the Shire of Stormvale from 1992 through 2001.
The event was initially held at the Lapeer County Center Building in Lapeer, Michigan. It featured a lively heavy weapons bear pit tourney, merchants, A&S activities, a lavish multi-remove feast, and an evening of dancing. During one notable tournament, the slain combatants were carried off the field by a crew of valkyries to Valhalla.
In 2000, the site was moved to Black Dragon Farms in Fenton, Michigan, for the addition of equestrian and archery activities. The event was so well received, it spawned a follow up event, Vikings Come Home, in Donnershafen


  • Armored Combat
  • Feast
  • Pentamere Regional A&S (1992, 1993, 1997)
  • Equestrian (2000, 2001)


The event was hosted by the Shire of Stormvale in the Pentamere counties of Lapeer and Genesee.

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