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A schtick (Yiddish : שטיק) (or shtick) is an expression which refers to a comic theme or gimmick.

"Schtick" is derived from the Yiddish word "שטיק", which itself is derived from the German word "Stück", meaning "piece". The English word "piece" itself is also sometimes used in a similar context. Another variant is "bits of business" or just "bits", mannerisms such as Laurel and Hardy's fiddling with their ties, or one of them looking into the camera shaking his head while the other one would ramble on; or the countless little slapstick and nonsense routines perfected by The Three Stooges, especially by Curly.

Schtick in the SCA

To give a more realistic and period feel to an event, SCA members may think up a reason why one group may wish to fight another. As historically, battles where fought for a reason. For example: to enable a person or family to gain power, land or property.

Many events in the SCA have a small skit or play to introduce the event. And may also have points through the day, or between combat scenarios, to further this story-line. Since SCA members are generally good humored, creative people these reasons are often very humorous.

Schtick can also occur during court to give a story-line or background to events. This are most commonly related to coronations and peerage elevations.

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