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Rapier Bronze Ring

The Rapier Rats


The Rapier Rats (the "Rapier Legion") were a group immortalized in a song by Master John Inchingham the Fool. They comprise many of the first fencers in the Middle Kingdom, and were the core of the rapier community for years. They were formed the year before Pennsic 20 (1990). The song began to be composed in 1991, during Tangwystl's reign, and continued to add verses (as folks were added to the Legion), over the next several years. It is still performed occasionally to this date (AS 49). According to Warder Nihthauk (Rey Barreto), it was "First sung after the 2nd Rapier Academe at the Post Revel at Fritz Bare's house. Afterwards, Don Robin of Gilwell declared All Midrealm Rapier fighters "Rapier Rats". As Such, All Midrealm Rapier Fighters are still "Rapier Rats."

Master John and his wife, Warder Maire, moved from Ansteorra in 1990. Because of this, the Legion started with a distinctive Ansteorran flavor, in that, as in that Kingdom, the Queen wore a white scarf to signify that she was the head of the order (Order of the White Scarf). The first Midrealm Queen to wear a white scarf was Tangwystl Caterina D'courci, followed by Queens Lisa Dolorosa and Katya of Shadowood Stars.


The Rapier Rats were:

  1. Inchingham (Master John Inchingham the Fool)
  2. Bold Maire (Mistress Maire ingen Dauith)
  3. AElfred of Chester (Master AElfred of Chester)
  4. Evil Dietrich (Dietrich von Hamburg)
  5. Evzenie (Evzenie Apolena Vitkovic)
  6. Ambrewjewski (Kevin Ambrozjewski)
  7. Baroness Sonya of Prague (DECEASED)
  8. Nimble-fingered Gerhardt
  9. Ian Jameson
  10. Fletch the Bard ( Warder Adrian Flechyr)
  11. Grimkirk ap Greymoor--
  12. Christian Quick
  13. Gar the Lochinvar
  14. Nicky Forrester
  15. Amelie (Mistress Amelie d'Anjou)
  16. Ansel the Disarming (Ansel Claybourne)
  17. Guillaume the Charming (Sir Guillaume le Fort)
  18. Fritz von Bare (Master Fritz von Bare)
  19. Nihthauke (Warder Damien Nihthauke)
  20. Master Geoffrey (Master Geoffrey de la Mer)
  21. Geoffrey Mandragora
  22. John Malkin (John Malkin a Malkin)
  23. Lucia (Lucia Elena Braganza
  24. Konstans (Konstans Errickidaes, Mark Morgan)
  25. Richard
  26. Wurm Wald's Saff-ur-ron
  27. Aaron
  28. LaRue
  29. Devin (Baron Devin Breghallach)
  30. Blackhawk's Stonehand (Katherine Stonehand)
  31. Morgana Corva
  32. Caen MacAddis
  33. MacCrimmon (James MacCrimmon)
  34. Thorbjorn Greywhiskers (Master Thorbjorn the Greysides--DECEASED)
  35. Wartooth (Khan Svea Wartooth—DECEASED)
  36. Dona Kaela
  37. James the Rat
  38. Kirk his comrade.
  39. Garth (Warder Garth Brandon)
  40. Lady Nan (Warder Jeananne)
  41. Baron David
  42. Andreas
  43. Ottar Finnson (Warder Ottar Finnson)
  44. Nicolla's (Mistress Nicolla)
  45. Hoskuld the Dane
  46. Erny Ormarsdottir.
  47. Mugmort's Ironhawk the Crass
  48. Pat MacPhelan (Master Patrick MacPhelan)
  49. Andrew the Purple (Warder Andrew Blackwood MacBane)
  50. Albrecht the Iconclastic,
  51. Kestrel
  52. Audrey
  53. Estoc Issac (Master Issac de Hugo)
  54. David Dragonhawk of Fenixshire
  55. Judith
  56. Brenna the Unbated,
  57. Alexander of Manchester
  58. Tristan (Sir Tristan)
  59. Ulf
  60. Sir Corwin.
  61. McMorland,
  62. Justin,
  63. Katze
  64. Franz
  65. Kyran,
  66. Eoghan
  67. Giacomo
  68. Lyulf the Lean of Silfrenmere,
  69. The other Tryston (Tryston der Facheltrager)
  70. Drachon

Honorary Rat: Master Tivar Moondragon

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