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A type of tournament in which all participating fighters are grouped into "pools" -- generally of around nine. Each fighter will fight every other member of the pool once. Those with a predetermined number of wins will advance to the next round -- at which time all the fighters are shuffled and assigned to new pools. Fighters progress in this manner until there is one pool left which generates two final fighters. When it gets to this point, Pool Touneys are generally determined by best of three bouts between the final two.

Pool Tournaments are popular because they guarantee the fighter a number of fights equal to the number in your pool -1. Single elimimination tournaments in comparison only guarantee 2 fights.

See also: Tree Tournament

The Bob List

Pool Tournaments have the unintended tendency to create a "Bob List." As the tournament goes on and the number of pools (not the number of participants in each pool) gets smaller, the pools gain a heavier concentration of top-level fighters. However, at some points, the shuffle still contains unknown unbelted fighters (sometimes just one). This can result in a call to arms such as this:

"In pool #2! Sir A, Duke Sir B, Count C, Sir D, Vicount Sir E ... and Lord Bob."

The "Bob" in the Bob List generally isn't expected to advance to the next round.

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