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An elimination or tree tournament is a type of armored combat tournament where combatants are randomly paired and fight each other. The next round sees the winners of the first round paired up again and fighting each other and possibly the losers paired against each othre. Each successive round halves the number of competitors remaining (assuming there are no byes - see below). In tree tournaments, most often the number of competitors is equal to a power of 2 (4, 8, 16, etc) so that there are an even number of competitors at every round.

The round in which only eight remain at the start is generally called the quarter-finals; this is followed by the semi-finals in which only four are left, the two winners of which then meet in the final round.

In cases where the number of fighters at the start of the tournament is not a power of two, some competitors may receive a bye fight. A fighter with a bye fight is allowed to advance to the next round of a tournament without fighting or by fighting a round against a volunteer and advancing in the tournament regardless of the outcome of the fight.

A single-elimination tournament, also called a knockout or sudden death tournament, is a type of armored combat tournament where losing combatants of each match are immediately eliminated from winning and winning fighters continue to be paired up until only two remain.

A double-elimination tournament is a type of armored combat tournament in which a fighter ceases to be eligible to win upon having lost two fights. A double-elimination tournament is broken into two brackets: the winners bracket and the losers bracket. After the first round of fighting in which all fighters are randomly paired, the winners proceed into the winners bracket and the losers proceed into the losers bracket. The winners bracket is conducted in the same manner as a single-elimination tournament, except that the losers of each round enter into the losers bracket upon losing their first fight.

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