Pennsic XXXVI

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Dates:Jul 27 to Aug 12, 2007
War Points:Middle 15, East 6
Who won?: Midrealm
King and Queen: Dag V and AnneMarie
Prince and Princess: Palymar IV and Aislinn II
Mayor: Rosamund Beauvisage

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First Pennsic to start a week earlier in July.


Notable Happenings

Court List

  • Radagaisus Vidigoia Balthi 09-Aug-2007 Chivalry -- Knight
  • Roewynne Langley 09-Aug-2007 Pelican
  • Desiderata del Rio 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Heart
  • Frederich Holstein der Tollhase 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Heart
  • Iri Lutrson inn Stafndrengr 09-Aug-2007 Gold Mace
  • Sabine de Creuequoer 09-Aug-2007 Greenwood Company
  • Melisant Saint-Clair 09-Aug-2007 Purple Fret
  • Jean Paul Pierrepont 09-Aug-2007 Purple Fret
  • John Skinner 09-Aug-2007 Purple Fret
  • Ryumonji Kenshin 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Barb
  • Dirk Edward of Frisia 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Barb
  • Etan ni Donncha 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Barb
  • Mark Mac Kill 09-Aug-2007 Cavendish Knot
  • Balthasar 09-Aug-2007 Red Company
  • Robert Downey of Forfar 09-Aug-2007 Red Company
  • Erzabet Enoksdottir of Darkmoon 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Tooth
  • Uesugi Kyoji San 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Tooth
  • Katherine von Roessler 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Treasure
  • Corwin Sturmaere 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Treasure
  • Alex Sturmaere 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Treasure
  • Stahlgeist, House 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Teeth
  • Fen Militia 09-Aug-2007 Dragon's Teeth
  • Anton du Marais 08-Aug-2007 Bronze Ring
  • Martyn Baxter 06-Aug-2007 Bronze Ring

Champions Teams





My First Pennsic

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