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Pennsic 30 (2001)

The MidRealm wins this double elimination tourney. Each side had 20 champions and 10 allies. After 2 rounds the MidRealm had a 17-10 edge. In each subsequent round the East closed the gap to 11-8, then 8-5 then 7-3, then 4-3 and then finally 3-1. In the last bout, Lord Colin MacNish defeated Baron Raphael d'Angelo of Drachenwald, thus bringing the MidRealm to victory. Warder Vincent Furnier was undefeated in the tournament. Lord Puck One-shoe of Ansteorra was the third of our remaining 3 fencers. It was a well-fought and fun tournament.

Pennsic 31 (2002)

(As reported by Warder Maximilian der Zauberer)

For those of you not in attendance you missed out on some awesome rapier combat during the Pennsic Rapier Championship Tourney last Friday. During the 2.5-hour delay (it was scheduled to start at 4:00) the pairings of the 25 champions were made (20 from each kingdom and 5 allies).

Each bout was to be fought one at a time in what was essentially a single elimination tourney. So whichever side got 13 wins first, would be the victor. After the victor was determined, all the remaining pairings would take the field and fight it out.

Both His and Her Majesties from both the East and the Middle stayed for the entire tourney even though Great Court started before the tourney ended.

Here’s how the tourney played out.

First the King’s Champions fought. Duke Sir Ragnvaldr Jonsson defeated Don Nigel of Castle West (1-0)

Secondly the Queens Champions fought - Lady Lee de Cormack was unable to fight due to a knee injury. Duke Sir Palymar of the Two Baronies took her place but was defeated by Don Antonio Patriquin. (1-1)

To continue in order, Lord Ramiro Nunez defeated Baroness Mercedes de Calafia. (2-1)

Yours Truly, Warder Maximilian der Zauberer defeated Lady Lillias of Campingtom. (3-1)

Master Sir Ixtilixochitl Cacique de los Indios was defeated by Don Alexandre Lerot D’Avigne. (3-2)

Warder Colin MacNish was defeated by Don Arioch the Quick. (3-3)

Warder Christian Furnier was defeated by Count Killdare Silverwolf (Ealdormere). (3-4)

Warder Caenntegearn Macillechallum defeated Signore Niccolo Giovanni. (4-4)

Lord Brice Colquhoun defeated Countess Kayleigh Drake. (5-4)

Lord Leon Jeronimo Suarez, Companion of the Argent Rapier (Meridies) was defeated by Lord Nathaniel Wyatt

After 10 bouts – tied score (5-5)

Lord Edward the Quiet defeated Master Thomas de Castellon. (6-5)

THL Gunther van Drakenburg, Warder of the Bronze Ring and Provost of Atlantia (Atlantia) defeated Don Quinn Kerr (Aethelmarc). (7-5)

Warder Uadahlrich von Sassmannshausen defeated Don Orlando Sforza. (8-5)

Lord Edward FitzRanulf defeated Lord Eric the Quick. (9-5)

Warder Phillipe de Lyon was defeated by Master Seosanh O’Malliah (Caid). (9-6)

Lord Alexandrew “Dru” Vladescu was defeated by Lord Jost von Eichstadt. (9-7)

Viscount Gareth Gordon MacGunther (Meridies) was defeated by Master Robert MacFarland (Ansteorra). (9-8)

Warder Vincent Furnier defeated Lord Maximilian von Koln. (10-8)

Lord Gaston du Valmount (Atlantia) was defeated by Mistress Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavinavnuchlca. (10-9)

Lord Gregory Bryant was defeated by Baron Franicois’ (Lochac)

After 20 bouts – tied score (10-10)

Warder Torquil MacGillavry was defeated by Dona Reyne Wurm. (10-11)

Warder Cecil DuPont defeated Sir Ivan Ulrickson. (11-11)

THL Roland de Mounteney, Provost of Atlantia (Atlantia) was defeated by Duke Balfar von Grunwald. (11-12)

THL Neko Me, Warder of the Bronze Ring and Forrester of the Greenwood Company was defeated by Don Brokk Jarlson. (11-13)

So with only one bout left, the east was victorious. For the final bout Lord Lleng “The Groupie” Craidd defeated Lord Malcolm Bowman.

Final count 12 Mid – 13 East. Whew! What a tourney!

Their Majesties of the East and Middle complimented us on our skill and prowess, but especially on our camaraderie. There was not a single bout that was contested and just about every bout began and ended with either a handshake or a hug between the combatants. After Their Majesties left, there was more handshaking, hugging, back pounding and drink sharing amongst and between the 2 teams.

The Pennsic Rapier Championship Tourney is definitely, in this humble reporter’s eyes, a tourney of peers.

Pennsic 32 (2003)

The Pennsic 32 Rapier Champions Tournament began at 4:15 pm on Thursday August 14th. It was a random draw Heroic Champions style tourney. Each kingdom fielded 30 rapier combatants. Each combatant fought one bout, drawn at random, except the first bout which traditionally matches the 2 Kingdom Rapier Champions. This year however, since the MidRealm didn't have one rapier champion but 6 (one per region), the team nominated the team captain to fight the first bout. The kingdom with the most wins was declared victorious. For double kills, each kingdom scored a loss. They were not refought.

In order.

1. Warder Maximilian der Zauberer (KRM MidRealm) defeated Don Brokk Jarlson (East Kings Champion)

Score: MidRealm 1 – East 0 (16 wins needed for victory)

2. Warder Cecil DuPont (MidRealm) defeated Dona Kayliegh Drake (East)

Score: MidRealm 2 – East 0 (16 wins needed for victory)

3. Ancient Guildmaster of Defense Jose Ramirez de Coronado (West) was defeated by Ian Lord Raven of Tadcaster (East)

Score: MidRealm 2 – East 1 (16 wins needed for victory)

4. Lord Flaithri O'Cearnaigh (MidRealm) double killed with Don Jost von Aichstadt (East Queens Champion)

Score: MidRealm 2 – East 1 – Double kills 1 (15 wins needed for victory)

5. Lord Edward “the Quiet” Heron (MidRealm) was defeated by Don Martin Quicksilver (East)

Score: MidRealm 2 – East 2 – Double kills 1 (15 wins needed for victory)

6. 5’2” Lady Brighid MacCumhal (MidRealm South Oaken Regional Champion) was defeated by 6’6” Sir Ivan Ulricson (East)

Score: MidRealm 2 – East 3 – Double kills 1 (15 wins needed for victory)

7. Lord Blaise von Bremen (MidRealm Pentamere Regional Champion) double killed with Lord Pasqual del Mar (East)

Score: MidRealm 2 – East 3 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

8. Lord Arch Teryx (MidRealm Constellation Regional Champion) defeated Lord Jean-Paul Justin Casse (East)

Score: MidRealm 3 – East 3 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

9. Lord Tristan Silvertoes (MidRealm) was defeated by Don Iago Benitez (AEthelmearc Kingdom Champion)

Score: MidRealm 3 – East 4 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

10. Lord Ramiro Nunez (MidRealm) was defeated by Connor Livingston the Vagabond Provost of Atlantia

Score: MidRealm 3 – East 5 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

11. Lord Edward Fitz Ranulf (MidRealm) defeated Don Christian Woolfe (East)

Score: MidRealm 4 – East 5 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

12. Lord Charles Blackstone (Outlands) was defeated by Don Nigel of Castle West (East)

Score: MidRealm 4 – East 6 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

13. Lord Kai Tseng (MidRealm Midlands Regional Champion) defeated Dona Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina Vnuchka (East)

Score: MidRealm 5 – East 6 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

14. Warder Christian Fournier (MidRealm) defeated Don Robert McFarland (Ansteorra)

Score: MidRealm 6 – East 6 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

15. Baron Rodrigo de Montoya (MidRealm) defeated Dona Renne Wurm (East)

Score: MidRealm 7 – East 6 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

16. Warder Alexander Blackram (MidRealm) defeated Don Gunther von Waldherz (Trimaris)

Score: MidRealm 8 – East 6 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

17. Forester Neko Me (MidRealm) defeated Roland de Montenay (Atlantia)

Score: MidRealm 9 – East 6 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

18. Lord Adrian Flechyr (MidRealm) defeated Dona Mercedes de Calafia (KRM East)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 6 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

19. Don Ragno Daganna (Outlands) was defeated by Lord Wilhelm von Pottruff (Ealdormere)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 7 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

20. Lord Lazarus Gauge (MidRealm) was defeated by Don Garrick Mapmaker (East)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 8 – Double kills 2 (15 wins needed for victory)

21. Lord AElfwine Pyttel (MidRealm) double killed with THL Fraiser MacLeod (AEthelmearc)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 8 – Double kills 3 (14 wins needed for victory)

22. Lord Michael St. Christian (MidRealm Principality of Northshield Champion) was defeated by Don Pierre de la Tours (East)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 9 – Double kills 3 (14 wins needed for victory)

23. Lord Martin of Hawksworth (MidRealm) double killed with Her Excellency Lorelie von Orlemunde called Osprey (Meridies)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 9 – Double kills 4 (14 wins needed for victory)

24. Lord Mateo Montero de Madrid (MidRealm) was defeated by Don Duncan Kieran (East)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 10 – Double kills 4 (14 wins needed for victory)

25. Warder Colin MacNish (MidRealm) was defeated by Lord Alain Longship (East)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 11 – Double kills 4 (14 wins needed for victory)

26. Warder Torquil MacGillavrey (MidRealm) double killed with Lord Avery Shaw (Ansteorra)

Score: MidRealm 10 – East 11 – Double kills 5 (13 wins needed for victory)

27. Warder Brice Colquhoun (MidRealm North Oaken Regional Champion) defeated Don Quinn Kerr (East)

Score: MidRealm 11 – East 11 – Double kills 5 (13 wins needed for victory)

28. Don Santiago Carillo de Guadalupe (Outlands) defeated Don Ian Archibald Guthrie (An Tir)

Score: MidRealm 12 – East 11 – Double kills 5 (13 wins needed for victory)

29. Lord Tristan der Facheltrager (MidRealm) defeated Lord Ronan Lynceus (East)

Score: MidRealm 13!!!!!! – East 11 – Double kills 5 (13 wins needed for victory)

30. Lord Gallien le Cavalier de Lilz (MidRealm) was defeated by Don Antonio Patriquin (East)

FINAL SCORE: MidRealm 13 – East 12 – Double kills 5

Pennsic 33 (2004)

Pennsic 34 (2005)

Midrealm takes Rapier Champions War Point as reported by the Pennsic Independent [1]

Submitted By Peregrine Fairchylde Staff Writer, Pennsic Independent

On a field crowded with Dons, White Scarves, Bronze Rings and others from the cream of the rapier community, it took 28 bouts to determine the victor in the Rapier Champions War Point. But when Warder Andrew Blackwood MacBain the Purple slew Lord Malcolm Bowman, that pushed the Midrealm to 16 victories, a majority among the 30 planned bouts.

The two sides split the remaining two bouts, giving the Middle Kingdom a 17-13 victory in the battle.

Using a heroic champions format, with each side taking turns selecting a fighter and the other choosing one from their team whose skills would best match, the fighting went on for more than two hours with only the occasional cloud cover to offer shade from the heat. However, spirits on both sides remained high, with shouts of encouragement and surprisingly well-organized cheerleaders egging the participants on.

The combatants being culled from the premier rapier artistes of the Known World, the fights were not wild and flashy affairs for the most part, though some had their moments. One of the more spectacular pitted two allied fencers: Baron Aedan Aylwyn, Provost of Atlantia, fighting for the Midrealm squared off with Don Robert McPharland of Ansteorra for the East. With the crowd loudly urging them to feats of valor, they clashed again and again until Don Robert scored a touch on Baron Aedan's leg.

"Do you wish to continue?" inquired Don Robert as Aedan settled to his knees.

"Yes!" riposted Baron Aedan. "You've given me better wounds than that!"

"An old gentleman in my kingdom once told me I get one lucky shot a day," Robert replied. "And I think that was it."

Don Robert threw a number of shots at Baron Aedan's sword arm, and after His Excellency repeated blocked them with his quillions the Don suggested, "If you would turn the bars a little bit, that would really facilitate this."

Finally, Don Robert landed a thrust to slay Baron Aedan and take the victory.

Pennsic 35 (2006)

MidRealm wins. Details being gathered.

Pennsic 36 (2007)

Score MidRealm-East / Combatants

0-1 / Warder Martyn Baxter (Mid) lost to Don Ian Raven of Tadcaster

1-1 / Warder Cecil du Pont (Mid) beat Doña Lilias de Cheryngton

2-1 / Warder Christian Fournier (Mid) beat Matteo Pesci

2-2 / Miguel de Argento (Mid) lost to Sir Ivan Ulrickson

3-2 / Scarlet (Ally) beat William (Ciad)

3-3 / Lord Ælfwine se Pyttel (Mid) lost to Don Nigel of Castle West

3-4 / Lady Collette de Valois (Mid) lost to Duncan Kieran

4-4 / Warder Maximilian der Zauberer (Mid) beat Lord Quintin Brilliant

4-5 / Lord Jan Tulleners (Mid) lost to Blade (West)

5-5 / Warder Zygmunt Nadratowski (Mid) beat Baron Jean Phillipe

6-5 / Lord Barekr Silfri called Bear (Mid) beat Lady Arwens

6-6 / Tristan der Facheltrager (Northshield) lost to Jean Paul Justin Casse

6-7 / Baron Rodrigo de Montoya (Northshield) lost to Don Orlando Sforza

7-7 / Don Iago (Aethelmearc) beat Don Talon

7-8 / Al-Ishtiyaq Khaalid bin Al-Kaazim called Khaalid (Mid) lost to Griffith (Griffin?)

8-8 / Warder Brighid MacCumhal (Mid) beat Jovi (Drachenwald)

9-8 / Warder-to-be Anton du Marais (Mid) beat Don Ronan

10-8 / Lord Lorenzo di Calabria (Mid) beat Lord Jean-Michel d'Aix en Provence (Meridies)

11-8 / Warder Ceanntighern Macillechallum (Mid) beat Don Sebastian Estevan de Xavier

11-9 / Lady Sibyl Sevenoake (Mid) lost to Griffith Davion

11-10 / Warder Torquil MacGillavrey (Mid) lost to Ogedei Becinjab

12-10 / Lady Amanita Villarosa (Mid) beat Lady Rowan

12-11 / Don Robert McFarland (Ansteorra) lost to Don Antonio Patriquin

12-12 / Baron Quinn Quer (Ally) lost to Andre

12-13 / Master Aedan Aylwyn (Ally) lost to Nathaniel Wyatt

13-13 / Lord Adam McAoidh (Mid) beat Baroness Alise

14-13 / Warder Colin MacNish (Mid) beat Don Caine Ramsey

14-14 / Lord John Marvel (Mid) lost to Donovan

14-15 / Doña Arnes (Trimaris) lost to Don Alexander

14-16 / Conner Livingston (Atlantia) lost to Don Pascual del Mar

The East wins.

Photos of tournament [2]

More photos of tournament [3]

and even more photos of tournament (My what a well documented tournament) [4]

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