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The regional herald for the administrative region of Oaken which is groups in the states of Ohio and Kentucky. When the Oaken region is split administratively into North Oaken and South Oaken the title Oaken Herald is used for North Oaken and the title Aethon Herald is used for South Oaken



Currently Regional Herald for the North Oaken region. Comprising the majority of Ohio with the Baronies of Cleftlands, Middle Marches, Redspears, Brendoken, also including the shires of Castell Gwent, East Watch, and Falcon's Quarry. Office established prior to Dec. of 1983 (A.S. XVIII) as the Office's title was registered by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms, at that time Wilhelm von Schlüssel.


Whether the Oaken Herald covered all of Oaken or just the North Oaken region has varied over time.

When Konrad Mailander became Oaken Herald in 2001 he took over for both Anna of the Western Hill, Oaken Herald and Malcolm Drum, Aethon Herald. Anluan took over as Oaken Herald from Konrad in 2004, also over both North and South Oaken. Anluan passed away a few months after taking the office in 2005. Konrad stepped back in as Oaken Herald until the office could be filed. He passed the Oaken office to Piotr Zavilov covering North Oaken and Sybella of Dragonsmark became Aethon Herald covering South Oaken. Since 2005 Oaken Herald has just covered the North Oaken region and is likely to continue that way.

Former Oaken Heralds

?, Garlanda de Stanas, Dmitrii Volkovich, Solveig Gunnadottir or Ulfey, ?, Anna of the Western Hill, Konrad Mailander, Anluan Bryan Methgemhain mac Murrough

- Current - Piotr Zavilov

Heraldic Seal

(Tinctureless) Two straight trumpets in saltire, bells to chief, between four acorns, stems to center, slipped and leaved.


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