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Forgive me if this is not the correct place to mention this, but there is currently another SCA wiki about at http://cunnan.sca.org.au/ (actually there are a few, but this is the largest.) Rather than create a large duplication of effort it might be an idea to look there and decide how the two pages should interact, if at all. Conrad Leviston 10:55, 6 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Yes there is. And it's a good comprehensive resource for the whole SCA but this is supposed to concentrate on the Middle Kingdom point of view. Taffy 15:02, 6 Oct 2005 (EDT)

I am certainly not trying to deny that this site provides a useful purpose. It just seems silly to duplicate so much effort, especially when Cunnan's pages are available under GNU free documentation license (ie they can be taken directly over here as long as there is a link back to the original article). Setting up interwiki links also seems sensible, which Cunnan has already done. Any other ideas on how we can better work together? Conrad Leviston 22:51, 6 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Award Addition

The Order of the Bronze Ring needs to be added to the Awards list.

The Award is given by the Crown (so far in as I have been able to find) to those who, "Have shown excellence and leadership in rapier combat, and who have trained others in these skills."

Holders of the Order are entitled to place after their names the initials, C.B.R. Holders of the Order may be styled and announced as Companions/Warders of the Bronze Ring.

The Order confers upon the holder a Grant of Arms if that individual is not already a holder of a Grant of Arms.

Holders of this award are listed in the Order of Precedence equal with Companions of the Orders of the Greenwood Company, Gold Mace, White Lance and Evergreen, but after Companions of the Order of the Dragon's Heart.

The dependant of a Warder is a Ward/Cadet/Student, and carry out many of the same duties as a Squire/Student/Protege for Knights.

A Warder is distinguised by a bronze/gold colored scarf typically worn on the left arm, additionally, each Warder is given a dress gorget bearing a bronze ring upon elevation into the order. A Ward/Cadet/Student is distinguished by a red scarf typically worn on the left arm.

Warders are considered by most to be on an equivalent level with Knights within the Rapier field, though they do not share the same benefits and responsibilities as Knights.

While Warders are appointed by the Crown, The Company of the Bronze Ring does discuss canidates that have been nominated privately, and may advise the Crown concerning nominees if called to do so.

Most of this information comes from The Company of the Bronze Ring website at http://www.companyofthebronzering.org/ and personal interaction with both Warders and Wards.

I was unable to find the first receipiant of the Order of the Bronze Ring, though by their website roster, the first inductees seem to have been elevated around April 17th, 1999 (A.S. 33)

Should I find any corrections, I will attempt to submit them as soon as possible. As far as I have been able to tell all the information I have submitted is acurate and documentable through the appropriate Kingdom authorities. -Alexandru cel Gelos 7/14/2006 2:12 EST

Alexandru, please see Bronze Ring and update the article; it was there :) Where did you look that it wasn't listed? - Milesent Vibert 7/14/2006 2:23 EST

When I entered the Community portal main area it lists several things, most of which need additions. This is the list as I see it under awards.


   * duke/duchess
   * count/countess
   * viscount/viscountess
   * chivalry
   * knight
   * master at arms
   * laurel
   * pelican
   * rose
   * landed baron/landed baroness
   * court baron/court baroness
   * Dragon's Heart
   * Gold Mace
   * White Lance
   * Evergreen
   * Augmentation of Arms
   * Red Company
   * Willow
   * Silver Oak
   * Purple Fret
   * Doe's Grace
   * Queen's Favor
   * King's Chalice
   * Award of Arms
   * Baronial Awards 

The only way I have found to directly find the bronze ring award is to use the search tool, which I hadn't thought to do when first looking over the awards list. I will update the Bronze Ring page itself as soon as I am able then. Thanks for pointing it out to me. -Alexandru cel Gelos 07/17/06 2:29 EST

Alexandru, that list is from the community portal "These documents need to be written" page :) So Bronze Ring wasn't listed as it was one of the first created. The list hasn't been updated recently and agree that we do need a main page linking frequently used articles. - Milesent 07/17/06 3:03 PM EST

Okay, I tried editing the Community Portal page to make it both a "to do" list as well as a navigation point; I messed up the coding on the header box, however, and can't remember how to link to a category. But, that asside; how does this work for everyone? Good idea? bad idea? - Milesent 07/17/06 3:22 PM EST

I think having a central navigation point is a great idea. I updated the Bronze Ring entry, and was able to find the original 3 persons elevated, so that is done as much as I am currently aware. If there are any problems, let me know. -Alexandru cel Gelos 07/18/06 2:03 PM EST.

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