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Household Heraldry

Checky Or and vert, on a lozenge sable a badger's paw print Or
Head of Household:Roana Aldinoch
Household Seat:Barony of Illiton
Motto:Serve where serve I might

Serve where serve I might

Hus Gyldenbrocc is a service household based in the Middle Kingdom. It is expected that all members devote at least one hour on average at each event they attend to helping that event run more smoothly. Be that as Royalty Room Guard, teaching classes, doing dishes after feast, or otherwise doing something that helps the event staff have a more successful day. We also, however, encourage our members to find a balance between helping and enjoying the event.

While we put a premium on service, the goal is to have fun. This is a hobby, after all!


Head: Roana Aldinoch

Members: Ursul, Bryn, Oswyn, Gertie

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