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Many heralds and pursuivants have special titles, chosen from heraldic charges and language, or placenames. In the Middle Kingdom, all pursuivants for a branch are titled 'branch name Pursuivant, e.g. Stormvale Pursuivant. Heralds have names such as, e.g. Shield Herald.

A titled heraldic officer may be addressed as, e.g. Escutcheon Herald, or merely Escutcheon. Pursuivants for a group may be addressed as, e.g. Sternfeld Pursuivant, but not merely Sternfeld, an appellation only appropriate for the baron or baroness of Sternfeld.

A charming feature of the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds is the roster of shield heralds, all named after various types of shield. Most of Dragon Herald's senior staff are therefore Aegis Herald, Buckler Herald, Escutcheon Herald, Shield Herald, Talvas Herald and Targe Herald.

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