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Middle Kingdom Great Book

Colophon Pages

Artist: Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr; Copyright:: Randy Asplund

Page 1

The First Page

Here begins the listing of contents of the Great Book of the Middle Kingdom, made in reverence, & for the greater glory of the Middle Kingdom, to embellish with fine colors & gold the ceremonies & lists of peerage of our ancient land, just as the fine jewels of state do embellish & display the glory of the crowns borne upon the brows of their most royal majesties. Here shall be set in the eyes of time the words, customs, & persons of high estate who have enriched the the first two decades of this sovereign land.

Having been commissioned by their royal majesties Fern & Valerius, the book was bound before completion. Mistress Gradhne ni Ruaidh, the first agent for commissioning artists, had since departed this kingdom, & so the task of completing the book fell many years later into the humble care of this scribe Baron Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr. The following are a listing of the contents:

The first section, the title, Commission & dedication pages, which were begun & later finished by Master Robert of two Cliffs.

The second section, the Coronation ceremony was created by Lady Llyrydwyl Merewenna.

The third section, the royal lineage was created by Lord Daniel of Tweed.

The fourth section, which includes the fealty of the knights, made by Mistress Kathleen Allen, the fealty of the Great officers of State & the honor of recognition of the Orders of the Laurel & Pelican, created by Lord Aiden Elfeadur.

The fifth section, honoring the Ladies of the Rose, was created more recently by Meisterin Katerina Helena von Schoenborn.

He sixth section, the Oath of Fealty for the Populace was created by Lady Liusaidh MacLeoid.

The seventh section, The Invocation of the Lists of Crown Tournament & the eighth section, the Investiture of the Tanists, were originally created by Lord Dolan Arcanus. In more recent times the text pages of the Lists Invocation were replaced with pages calligraphed by Lady Moragh Inghean Eoghan

Page 2

The Second Page

& painted by Lord Pharamond of Flanders. The text pages for the Investiture of the Tanists were replaced & created by Lady Cassandra Eleanora di Milano.

The ninth section, the Investiture of a Duke, was created by Mistress Annora Yvain de Sylveastan.

The tenth section, the Investiture of a Duchess was created by Mistress Bianca Rosamund.

The eleventh section, the Investiture of a Count was created by Count Sir Eliahu ben Itzhak.

The twelfth section, the Investiture of a Countess, was calligraphed by Count Sir Eliahu ben Itzhak & painted by Countess Elen o'Ddynevwr

The Thirteenth section, the Investiture of a Lady of the Rose

The Fourteenth Section, the maps of the known world & the Middle Kingdom were more recently created by Baron Sir Ranthulfr Asparlundr, master of the Laurel.

The fifteenth section, the Investiture of the Order of Chivalry was created by Mistress Kathleen Allen.

The sixteenth section, the listing of the Order of Chivalry was created by Lady Aelfhaelen Dracasith.

The seventeenth seventeenth section, the Investiture of the Order of the Laurel (Moved section indicated by red dots. The artists attributed to Section 18, the Roster of the Laurels did Section 17, the Investiture of the Laurels.)

The eighteenth section, the listing of the Companions of the Order of the Laurel was calligraphed by Mistress Siobhan o'Neill & painted by Mistress Siobhan o'Neill & Master Thaddeus the Brown. (Note: This is a mistake. The red dots indicate that the enclosed section moves to Section 17, the Investiture of the Laurel.)

The nineteenth section, the Investiture of the Order of the Pelican was created by Lord Ranthulfr Asparlundr.

The twentieth section, the listing of the Companions of the Order of the Pelican was designed & the first part calligraphed by Master Geoffrey de la Mere. More recently the remaining text was added by Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr

Page 3

The Third Page

The remaining design was painted by Baronesa Maestra Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar

The twenty first section, the Investiture of territorial barons & barons of the court was created by her excellency the Baroness Wurm Warld, Mistress Beryl de Folo.

In more recent times a version of the Investiture which includes the baronial oath of fealty was added by Lady Caitrin of Chalcewell.

The Great Book was originally bound by Lord Tofi Kerthialfadsson, but was later rebound by Graf Syr Shadan.

A wrap of embroidered fabric was created by Mistresses Meriel de Blackwoode & Greya Ankayrlyn & Lady Liusaidh MacLeoid.

To keep the Great Book safe a chest was fashioned by his excellency Baron Septentria Master Aedan o Kincora. The box was embellished with carvings of dragons by her excellency Baroness Septentria Mistress Caffa Muiriath. A Viking style lock was fashioned of iron by Master Einar Lutemaker

To complete the box a lining of fine cloth was woven by Lord John of Calador.

To carry the book & box a case of stout leather was crafted by Lord Ricard of Sabletree.

This second leather case was created to replace the original which was stolen.

WORKING in the second year of the reign of the illustrious Jafar & first year of good queen Kenna, by royal commission & following in the spirit of my most worthy predecessor Mistress Graidhne ni Ruaidh, I baron Sir Ranthulfr Asparlundr, companion of the Laurel declare this book finished, this eighth day of May Anno Societatis 33.

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