Festival of Maidens

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In late January, Wurm Wald in Champaign/Urbana, IL, holds the largest mid-winter event in the greater Illinois area called "Festival of Maidens". This event has been ongoing since 1972. As one of the largest fighting events of the year, there can usually be found numerous lists for heavy combat, rapier, and youth. In addition to the lists, classes on dance and music are held to prepare event-goers for a night of dancing that often lasts well into the midnight hours following a celebrated feast. Royalty usually graces the shire with their presence for a time of merriment and fun during an otherwise bleak time of year. Arts & Science classes, merchants, and the usual hubbub of large events will round out a Lord or Lady's day at the Festival of Maidens.

Listen closely to the Heralds, as sometimes, additional fighting symposiums and practices are planned for the day after Maidens, or an A&S class or two may spill over into the daylight hours of Sunday morn should an instructor be convinced to stay and play.

This is an event not to be missed for anyone tired of the winter doldrums and in need of a good stretch of their legs, arms, and backs!

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