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The Dean of Page School is a Deputy to the Middle Kingdom Minister of Youth

The Dean of Page School is responsible for tracking students' activities and ensuring they are recognized for their efforts


2002-2003 Cassandra Antonelli- Minister of Youth Under Cassandra's lead the First Page School Charter was approved

2003-2005 Acelina of Derelei

2005-2007 Adelicia Marie d'Argent - Dean

2005-2007 Katerina Mahler - page school registrar

2007-2009 Tyzes Sofia called Zsof

2009-2012 Anthoinette Martel

2012-2016 Katayoun al-Aurvataspa

2016-2019 Artemisia Voltera Artemesia, together with the Midrealm Minister of Youth Ceara inghean Mhuirghease revised Page School. They relaunched Page School for the 21st century (with online reporting) and made it fit Midrealm culture - they replaced the purple baldrics with purple belts and the badges became coins to sew onto the belts.

2019-2021 SaehildR barngothR

2021-present Elizabethe Alles

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