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The Company of Fenix is a Baronial award for the Barony of Fenix.

The Company of Fenix is an order into which the Baron/Baroness may elevate such persons as it sees fit. The order shall be referred to as the Company of Fenix. The order shall be given to individuals who, in the sight of the Baron/Baroness, have displayed continuing martial skill and contributions to the Barony in those martial arts recognized by the Society. Those persons who were formerly members of the Fenix Fighting Force and the Baroness' Own Company of Archers are granted membership in this order.

There shall exist within the Company of Fenix the Cadre. The Cadre of the Company of Fenix are the senior members of the order recognized for their leadership and teaching in their respective martial arts.


As a Baronial Award, this Award does not convey Precedence.

Rights and Privileges

Companions of the Company of Fenix may bear the badge emblazoned as registered with the College of Arms. Traditionally, membership in the Company of Fenix/Fenix Fighting Force/Baroness' Own Company of Archers is depicted by a green and gold braided cord.


The Baronial Herald shall maintain an historic record of recipients.

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