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The Middle Kingdom Authentic Artifact Showcase (MKAAS) is a static A&S display of work that is authentic recreations of Middle Ages/Renaissance period artifacts in every detail, with accompanying documentation.

This differs from the Laurel Prize Tourney which is for Artisans to sit with their work and answer questions about it and the Craftperson's Faire which is for non-period items.

This is one of many A&S venues and is perfect for the person who wishes to thoroughly research and recreate an actual artifact that existed in period. Entrants are required to produce written documentation, including a picture of the actual period artifact they are reproducing, for general distribution. The documentation should include a description of the period artifact, construction techniques used to make the reproduction and a list of works consulted. The entrant's name, address and other such information may appear on the documentation.

The Middle Kingdom Authentic Artifact Showcase is held in conjunction with Kingdom Twelfth Night in January. The Crown decides which event will be Kingdom Twelfth Night.

A Regional MOAS may also opt to hold a regional version of the MKAAS in their region.

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