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Resides:Shire of Dark River
Status:Current Member
Awards:Visit the Order of Precedence to access a list of this person's awards.



About Me

Enjoys researching too many things to actually settle on one specific time and place.

Usually wears middle eastern or Viking clothing.

TRIVIA: has a registered name, Aturdokht of Dark River, but is called Ates Ejderhasi.

The name "Aturdokht of Dark River" was registered ONLY for use in registering heraldry.


Seneschal for Shire of Dark River: March 2018 - June 2021

Chatelaine for Shire of Dark River: spring of 2011 - January 2020

Webminister for Shire of Dark River: fall 2010 - January 2020

Herald at large: August 2018 - Present

Youth officer at large: 2017 - Present

Deputy Midlands Chatelaine: March 2018 - January 2020

Deputy Seneschal Shire of Dark River: June 2021 - Present

Deputy Webminister Shire of Dark River: February 2020 - Present

Midlands Regional Thrown Weapons Marshal: June 2019 - Present

Midlands Regional Chatelaine: January 2020 - Present


AOA: Feb 28, 2004

Purple Frett: April 2, 2016

Purple Frett: June 10, 2017

Dragon's heart: May 2, 2020



Youth Rapier

Combat Archery


Thrown Weapons


Device: [Middle - 2015-03-20] Argent, between a wyvern erect vert and a base rayonny gules a pawprint sable.

Badge: [Middle - 2017-01-30] (Fieldless) A wyvern ercet vert breathing fire proper charged on the tail with a pawprint argent.

Badge: [Middle - 2017-06-30] (Fieldless) A yale rampant vert, spotted and armed argent, breathing fire proper

Badge (joint with Elisabeta Fischer): [Middle - 2015-09-28] (Fieldless) A wyvern erect to sinister vert and a peacock sable, both enflamed proper, crossed at the necks.


Married to Wendell of Dark River

Sister of Elisabeta Fischer

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