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A padded garment worn under most types of medieval armor to absorb the shock of blows and prevent chafing and what SCA combatants affectionately refer to as 'armor bites'. Almost universal for SCA armored combatants, because it helps absorb the shock of blunt rattan weapons especially well, and also provides a matrix on which to attach other types of armor. It readily meets the standard set in the SCA armor rules, frequently repeated, of 'hard over soft'.

The typical arming doublet is crotch length, with cotton batting quilted between two layers of stout fabric. Trigger is popular for this purpose. The garment has long sleeves, similarly quilted. Sometimes these are separate and tied to the torso portion of the garment at the shoulder, or have openings at the armpit for air circulation. Usually arming doublets button up the front. When thigh-length, this garment may also be called an Arming Coat (or Cote) is usually known as an gambeson.

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