The Legend of Queen Fern

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This as I remember it, having heard it once from Countess Sir Fern Herself. Any difference between her tale and mine are the fault of my memory, not of her telling, which was exquisite

Come all ye and listen to the Tale of Queen Fern

Way back in the old days, an Unbelt, one Fernanda de la Foret entered Crown Tourney, it being her very first Crown.

Sadly, this Noble crown novice was eliminated from contention, and went and busied herself in Service in another part of the event site.

Suddenly there was no small stir. One of the Consorts had to beg leave from the Tournament. A new Consort was required. Fern was that Consort.

Through Herculean efforts of her friends, Fern was quickly attired as befitting a Consort and presented to Their Majesties.

The Tournament continued, and much to her surprise, Fern found herself the new Tanista of the Middle Kingdom.

As Sir Fern told it, “This is how I became Queen of the Midrealm . . By losing at Crown.’

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