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The targe is a round shield of Scottish origin used primarily in the Highlands from the 13th century AD until the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

During the Battle of Culloden, the Jacobites rose up against the British government in support of Bonnie Prince Charlie, but they were soundly defeated by the UK government under Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. Following the defeat, the Highlands Services Act 1715 was further strengthened by the Act of Proscription 1746 in which the bearing of Scottish weaponry, targes and even Scottish clothing was banned.


The targe was a round shield of roughly 18-21" diameter. It was was built with thin, early versions of plywood that were set with the grains running against each other for strength. This was then covered on the outside by cow hide and decorated with embossed Celtic designs.

Unlike other wear of the Scottish culture, the targe was seen as personal and did not have designs that were specific to the clans, but to the individuals themselves.


Armored Combat

Targes may be constructed in a similar fashion to their historical construction bearing the following rules in mind:

  • "Shields shall be edged with leather, padding, or other covering or constructed in such

a way as to minimize damage to rattan weapons or other fighters." (MK Armored Combat 23.I.1)

  • "No bolts, wires, or other objects may project more than .375 (that is, 3/8) inch (9 mm)

from any part of a shield without being padded. Rounded shield bosses are not considered to be projections." (MK Armored Combat 23.I.2)

Note: While pavises are allowed, the targe is a small shield and is not recommended to be used with a pavis.


The Midrealm Rapier Handbook does not refer to any rules regarding shields other than as hand protection. Certain tournaments on the upper dimensions of the shield, so refer to those rules for the use of targes in rapier.

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