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I'm not sure I understand the "xeroxed charters" addition. Is this different than giving out color copies, as already mentioned? ~Nickolas.

Charters are xeroxed templates, at least all the ones I've seen, that are hand colored and have the names and dates filled in; so it's a unique item, not a copy... actually I'm not sure what was meant by the giving out color copies previously mentioned. It may be we're talking about the same thing? -Milesent.

I've heard that other Kingdoms take the finished, made from scratch scroll, make a color Xerox of it, then give that copy to the recipient -- allowing the scribe to keep his or her work. But... it may be that I *heard* that other Kingdoms gave out color copies, but what was really said was that they give out *colored copies*. But I don't really know. Probably some of each, I'd imagine. Clearly I don't really know what I'm talking about here. I'll shut up now. ~ Nickolas.

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