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Would it be helpful to create articles for "Cleftlands" "A-Frame" and "Oldcaste" styles? Or would this just be needless addition of bulk to the index?


Not at all. I think articles on fighting styles would be just the sort of thing the wiki should have. I think that might be "Oldcastle", by the way.


I tend to agree that it would be interesting... but difficult to explain in words. I could spend a day trying to discribe the finer points of the A-frame in text, but could show you in 30-seconds with sword & shield in hand. I'm not saying that it shouldn't be attempted, though ...


Can we do video clips? Or maybe a few stills of Ser Nickolas demonstrating? That's the nice thing about the Web - it doesn't have to all be words.


Hmm... who do we know that is an accomplished artist? Someone that regularly contributes to this site? Someone that has nothing but extra time on her hands? : ) ~Nickolas.

I have no idea who you could possibly be talking about Nick. ;) Okay okay... just, like, pose for me sometime and I'll see what I can do, eh? -Milesent.

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