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The spangenhelm is a form of helmet used on the continent in the early to middle part of the SCA period. While there is no conclusive evidence for the use of spangenhelms in Britain, fragments of gold foil found in Dumfriesshire may be part of the browband of a spangenhelm, and doubtless the many invaders there imported such helms for use.

Spangenhelms were made of between four and six iron plates shaped into a bowl and held together by bronze bands (Spangen, hence the name) which were riveted to the plates. The Spangen were inverted 'T' shaped and were often decorated with punched or engraved designs. A browband was attached to the rim of the bowl. The lower rim of the browband was pierced at regular intervals to allow the attachment of a lining and the suspension of cheek-plates.

Spangenhelms are a popular helmet used by SCA fighters, especially those portraying early period, due to their relative ease of construction and ample patterns available.

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