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If a King and Queen are unable to fill out their term and their Heirs (Prince and Princess) have not yet been chosen, a Regent is named to lead the Kingdom until a Crown Tournament can be held. The winner of the tournament is immediately crowned King, rather than serving as Prince for six months.

In Midrealm History there has only been one Regency. When the reign of Lutr and Tessa was ended as they had let their SCA membership lapse. (Society law states that no one may reign without a valid membership as they represent the Society.) The previous reigning King, Duke Palymar was named as Regent and as Crown tournament had already been scheduled, he arranged for a secondary tournament to happen before to determine the King, leaving the scheduled Crown Tournament to choose the Prince and Princess. Lutr was allowed to fight in the tournament and won back his Crown. In addition to the Knights and Masters of Arms all the Landed Barons and Baronesses were invited into the list to witness the finals.

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