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The Award of The Pillar of Andelcrag is an award given in the Barony of Andelcrag.

It is given at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness. A Pillar of Andelcrag is an augmentation awarded to members of Orders of Andelcrag for continuing to support and lift up the Barony with skills in their respective areas. Pillars can be added to any previously awarded Order. Recipients may display a pillar with their Order badge.

Recipients of the Pillar of Andelcrag

During the term of Baron Raymond d'Anjou and Baroness Zubaida Qilichlu Qari bint Abed al Kadir

08/12/19Armand de ChartresSalient Hart
08/12/19MaighreadDefender of the Tower
08/12/19Masarrah an bint Ma'mamDefender of the Tower
02/21/20Jervisa WainwrightSalient Hart
08/09/20Ghadah Falak Noor bint Safi'Abdu'llah (Ashby Turley) Salient Hart
08/09/20Seitz KirbrichGuardant Ram
12/05/20Tommaso FranceshiDefender of Andelcrag
12/05/20Tommaso FranceshiSalient Hart
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