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Cynnabar's Order of the Lamb

Award created by Barons Malachy von Ulm and Olafr Igulbjarnarson of Cynnabar in AS 53 (2023) at their final court at their Fall Revel in recognition of new artisans learning mastery of their crafts and the enthusiasm they show in them.

The award is named after Lord Lambert of Beckford, a beloved member of Cynnabar who was a mastered artisan in many crafts, who had passed away from cancer in 2021.

The original award text for its first recipient reads:

Come, let us honor Cynnabar's Lamb - the strength of talent and the mind plans. The work of a painter, a carver and weaver, behld we in awe the art as established. Beginnings uncertain on untrodden trails reveal light shining and new artisan born. The passion ignited, enthused, and inspired. Eagerness kindled for craft and for art. To Wanda Zayaczkowa Award of the Lamb. Given by the hands of Baron Olafr and Baron Malachy on this seventeenth day of September AS 53 in honor and remembrance of teh talent enthusiasm, generosity and love of Lord Lambert Beckford. «signatures»

The scroll was produced by Baroness Aliyah

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