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A school of the arts martial

The Oldcastle fighting stance involves having your sword at your shoulder, similar to the Cleftlands Style, only with the blade pointed down the fighter's back instead of parallel to the ground. It was a slightly modified version of the older "Western High Style" as taught in the East Kingdom by Gyrth Oldcastle.

Some well known Oldcastle fighters include insert names here


From Master Dirk Edward of Frisia on Facebook: "Out West, this was a variant, sword run down the spine The trick was getting the hand well behind /over the head and delivery could come from either side, so long as you could clear the helm quickly. 'High Form' as taught by Duke Andrew of Riga involved a very frontal display of the shield, a very narrow slot for the eyes, and a tight to the head fist placement before delivery. Great for close in face to face combat."

Other fighting styles include A-frame, Cleftlands Style

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