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The Award of the Northern Star is a Baronial Award for the Barony of Northwoods. It is given for service (a red star), Arts (a yellow star) or for martial skill (a white star).

The Northern Star is a "self propagating" award in that prior recipients of the Award are obligated to seek out others that they wish to pass the award along to.


In 1994 (AS 28) a second Baronial Award was established, this is the true award in that it may be given many times: The Award of the Northern Star. There are three divisions of this award: Argent (martial arts), Or (Arts and Sciences) and Gules (service). The twist that North Woods puts on this award is that although the Baron may grant the star as he sees fit, the recipient is then OBLIGATED to go forth and seek the next to be honored – then to extol that one’s deeds to the Baron and the populace in a later court. Tradition has established this to be an award given by the populace – not the Baron/Baroness.

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