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Myrmidon Warband and Household

The Myrmidons are a Warband and Household within the SCA, striving to fight in the Homeric fashion of the Iliad -- using the ferocity of the warriors that laid siege to Ilium (Troy), but never forgetting honor, chivalry, hospitality and lineage. The origin of Homer's Myrmidons is legendary:

Aeacus, king of Aegina and son of Zeus, had no citizens in his kingdom. He prayed to Zeus as he looked at an ant hill, "Please remember that I am your son, and was made a king of your sacred island that you created to honor my mother Aegina. When Sisyphus told a river god that you had eloped with her, you turned her into an island. Please Father Zeus, send me citizens to populate your island and make them skilled in warfare so this island will be protected!" Then Aeacus went back to his palace. Soon his son Telamon yelled, "Father, Father! There are many people outside looking for you!" The people were called the Mymirdons after ants or myrmi. Achilles took 50 ships with 50 Mymirdons each to the Trojan War.

The Myrmidon warband is currently headed by the Hegemon, Sir Skalla Grimm of Caid. The warband has expanded its borders to many kingdoms including the West, An Tir, and Middle Kingdon. The heads of these seperate units, or boats, are called Enomotarchs. The Enomotarchs for the other boats are:

  • Edward of Castleguard: Caid (Hawaii)
  • Idomeneus: An Tir
  • Ixion the Numinous: Middle Kingdom
  • Sarpedon: Western Seas
  • Sir Skalla Grimm: Caid (California)


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