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The Ladder of Renown, created by William of Fairhaven, is a multi-stage tournament where the initial entrants in a given stage are limited by a given criteria. Winners are permitted to advance into the next stage.

The winner of each stage is rewarded by having their name mentioned in court; hence gaining renown. The tiered format of the tournament ensures that fighters of all levels had this opportunity.

Original text from William of Fairhaven

October 6, 2016

The Ladder of Renown Tournament is fought in four rounds with each round fought Atlantian speed tourney style. It can be run single elimination (the normal way to run this tourney – keeps the tourney very fast) or it can be double elimination if more time is available. The final fight in each round shall be called by the heralds and fought “for the Crown” with the names of both fighters being announced followed by announcing the victor for the round.

Round 1:

Eligible fighters may not have any kingdom level fighting awards; the winner of Round 1 has their name recorded and is allowed to move up and enter Round 2. Please Note – there is no experience limit for this tier – if a fighter has been fighting for 20 years but has no fighting awards they fight in this round.

Round 2:

Open to members of the Red Company or any non-Captain, non-Chivalry with a Dragon’s Tooth. The winner of Round 2 has their name recorded and is allowed to move up and enter Round 3

Round 3:

Open to Captains of the Gold Mace. The winner of Round 3 has their name recorded and is allowed to move up to Round 4.

Round 4:

Open to Chivalry and Royal Peers (even if the Royal Peer is not a member of the Chivalry).

There is no prize for this tournament but the winners of each round shall have their names read in court and be recognized for their skill at arms.

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