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The once Senior Squire of Duke Tadashi, in what was then known as House Dreadnaught. He originally hailed from the Barony of the Northwoods, having been introduced to the Society by Bartholomew the Bewildered. He resided for many years abroad in the Barony of Storvik in the Kingdom of Atlantia and for a time was Captain of the Company of St. Sebastian, which numbered 18 upon the field. He was one of the two squires who together created, formed and lead Queen Eislinn's Rose Guard, a group of squires who fought for her upon the battleground of Pennsic in her last war (she was striken with cancer) before she was taken from us.

He has written a few pages of history from the era of over twenty years ago, when the Kingdom was still young. Among the pages he has written are the following:

This I, Jean Charles d' Avignon, have written from my memory, now long faded with the Ages. Your corrections and addendums are always welcome.

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