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"Too humble is half proud"

Humility is a favorite virtue, and a hard one to judge in another.

To me, honesty is a part of humility. Represent yourself truly as you are, warts and all. Admit the limitations of your work, where you don't know things for sure and where you've got a plausible theory.

If the only person a candidate can talk about or be concerned with is themselves, they’re not going to be able to talk about other candidates or properly mentor and encourage others. If they have to be the biggest, best, shiniest in the room, they’re also not going to be doing the job of shining a light on the work of others.

They can’t “know it all” because then they’ll stop growing and you gotta keep growing. Even if you are the best widget maker in the Known World, you have to know that there is more you can learn about widgets. I bet even the great Leonardo da Vinci was thinking “Man, I coulda done that better” when he looked at his own work.

Willing to admit when they’re wrong, including when much beloved theories are proven wrong by some new archeological find or other.

Takes criticism well, doesn’t get defensive when their pet theories are questioned (this can be really hard!)

They are not jealous of the success of others; if your humility is intact you can say “Way to go, you!” without whimpering “what about me??”

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