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  1. log in to the MiddleWiki if you are not already logged in
  2. Click the "Upload file" link in the left navigation bar
  3. Click the 'browse" button to the right of the "source filename" box, navigate to the image file on your computer and double-click on it (or click on it once to highlight and click the 'open' button)
  4. The "destination filename" will automatically fill in with the name of the file you uploaded, you can change it however and I recommend doing so to something short and easy to remember like Milesent-portrait.jpg (instead of img032218667856545433.jpg!)
  5. In the "Summary" field type information about the image, credit the photographer or artist and state whose permission you have to use the photo and add appropriate category [[Category: Portrait Images]] or [[Category:Arms Images]] most often, though there is also [[Category:History Images]]
  6. Click "Upload File" The file will now upload.
  7. The top of the uploaded image page has the image name (same as the destination filename you set in step 4) this is what you type to link it on a wiki page.
    • You can modify the image when linking For example: [[image:Milesent-portrait.jpg|300px]] the pipe 300px makes the image 300 pixels wide.

Image Categories

Here is a list of all of the categories we use for image files currently:

[[Category:Arms Images]] [[Category:Portrait Images]] [{Category:History Images]]

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