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Harvest of Souls was a local event based on The Inferno by Dante Alighieri. It was held each year from 1998 to 2006, typically around the end of October / beginning of November.



The event was created to draw all attendants into an overall quest to get through the Inferno. Everyone held a quest ticket that required signatures at different stations along their journey. Each pilgrim stopped at various Quest stations, where they gained quest points. At the end of their journey, the pilgrims were confronted with Death. They may choose to try and increase their points by gambling with Death. The individual that had collected the most points was the declared the victor and escaped the abyss.
Staff and quest station volunteers wore name tags of a person in "The Inferno"
The quest stations were typically as follows:

  • Fight the Demons - Participate in a Heavy Weapons Fight (for authorized HW fighters), or choose a fighter to battle in your stead. Winner and loser get a number of points
  • Knowledge quest - Seek out individuals in the Inferno and answer their questions for points. These would typically be among the merchants, and would bring people to their tables. Questions were about "The Inferno" normally.
  • Shoot your way through the Abyss - Shoot specific archery targets, or choose a champion to shoot in your stead, for points.
  • Dice with Death - wager your points on a roll of the bones


Activities would vary but generally included a Quest, Armored Combat, Archery, Merchants Row, a large elaborate Feast, Dicing with Death


The event was hosted by the Shire of Stormvale in the Pentamere counties of Genesee and Lapeer.

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