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Status:Current Member
Image:Missing arms-icon.jpg



Offices & Positions

Currently Exchequer for the Barony of Shattered Crystal

Attempting to get the Pages Guild in the Barony going

Event Services

2014 Crystal Ball - Lunch Fundraiser

2015 Inkin n Linkin - Event Steward

2015 Crystal Ball - 1/3 Feastcrats

Classes Taught

2014 Maidens - Beginning Illumination

2015 Inkin - Beginning Illumination

2016 Scribin - How to do Whitework


I have lived in 5 different Kingdoms. I began in Meridies and the location I lived in was annexed into the wonderful new Kingdom of Trimaris. Lived in Trimaris until 1998 (I think) When we moved to West Memphis. Yet again I was part of Meridies. And then it happened. The house I lived in was annexed to the new Kingdom of Glenn Abahnn. We moved from there to Calontir, where we weren't very active, and now we are in the MidRealm. I am not sure whether I should be including past awards, activities, and offices here yet.

Interests and SCA-related hobbies

After more than 25 years, I still find so much to be interested in. My current obsession is scribal arts. Anything to do with paint pots, paper, ink or the Guttenberg press will have my attention.

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