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The Gem of the Mountain is the Youth Award of the Barony of Andelcrag.

It is given to recognize the accomplishments of our young people in the realms of service, marshal excellence or enthusiasm and the Arts and Sciences.


Recipients of the Gem of the Mountain

During the term of Baron Garth of the Crags and Baroness Kassia Gildea

11/04/06Tolga of Dun Traigh
11/04/06Wamba of Dun Traigh
10/06/07Ivarr of Westmere
10/07/07Tara O'Cobthaidh
01/05/08James Henry
04/25/09Daniel of Templemede
04/25/09Scott Steinson
11/7/09Annabelle Hudson (Anna of Rimsholt)

During the term of Baron Logan Na'Sealgaith and Baroness Zaynab Yasmine

04/24/10Torian di Porto Fino (Toriam of Nordheim)
11/6/10Ochiha Osaki
4/30/11Faraldr Sørkvir
6/7/11 Aidan
6/7/11 Josephine Ganzevoort
9/4/11 Clara Krug
9/4/11 Cordelia Hillsmeyer
9/4/11 Mackenzie de Dood
11/5/11Ian of Hamilton (Ian of Rimsholt)
11/5/11Jarred of Hastings
8/31/12Reynold Brightmore (Jordan of Three Walls)
8/31/12David Rahlson (Johannas Rahl)
08/31/12William of Nordheim
4/20/13Isabel la Sauvage
8/31/13Ashleigh Brightmore (as Taylor of Three Walls)

During the term of Baron Raymond d'Anjou and Baroness Zubaida Qilichlu Qari bint Abed al Kadir

08/13/18Baron Xavier
08/13/18Robbie of Andelcrag
09/22/18Danny P.
01/11/19Clara P.
01/11/19Niel P.
08/09/20Isabell la Sauvage
08/09/20Robbie of Andelcrag
08/09/20Lucy of Andelcrag
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