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Favors are a token given to one person from another. Most often favors of this sort are given from ladies in affection to their lords.

The favor commonly takes the form of a (usually embroidered) strip of cloth or other token given to a warrior by someone for whom he or she fights. Depending on the circumstances, the favor may indicate a relationship of combatant and consort, or merely friendship. A favor can be given for a specific combat or length of time, may be asked back, or may be given permanently. It is not uncommon for a combatant to have more than one favor, though it is understood that the courteous warrior makes certain that everyone involved understands the circumstances. Of course, a combatant fights for only one actual consort, even though he/she may be fighting incidentally for the honor of others as well.

An object which appears to be a favor may also instead be a token or badge of allegiance to a household, fighting unit or fealty to a lord or lady. Favors and similar tokens are usually carried in the belt or tied around the arm, though they might also be carried or worn in any dignified manner about the person. Many people carry their favors when not actually on the listfield, while others do not.

Note: There is an award called the Queen's Favor, this is not to be confused with the more general favors described here.

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