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Familia von Metten de Grinstead consists of several generations of Johann von Metten's relatives and descendants.

First generation Elizabetta Matilde von Metten, Maria Theresa von Metten, Heinrich von Metten, Gregoria von Metten, Hildegard von Metten, Brunhilde von Metten, Riztehilda von Metten, Landrada von Metten, Arlindis Bertille von Metten, Benedicta von Metten, Margarethe von Metten, Audelinden von Metten, Neptunalis von Metten

Second generation Otto von Metten, Lucia Elena Braganza de Mettini, Augustus von Metten, Wolfgang von Metten, Revocata von Metten, Sophia the Orange, Moira MacGillevry, Kuntz of White Waters, Ian MacCattan

Third generation Elissabetta Moreno de Mettenini, Kevona von Metten, Engelika von Metten, Konrad von Metten, Anastasia von Metten.

As is the way of such things each generation begets the next. Johann really ceased adding new 'offspring' to his generations, but the list still grows as the various members adopt and beget their own succeeding generations.

The de Grinstead side of the family are all descendants and relations of Megan de Grinstead and her sisters on the island of Great Britain and the islands to the west as well as most of western Gaul.

Agnes de Grinstead, Agatha de Grinstead, Matilda de Grinstead, Maude Alyns.

Their cousins, Alice of Kent, Siobhan of Greenmeadow, Leanore de Vertabors

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