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Running an event is a large undertaking. While there is room for a FAQ on "how to run a good event", sometimes a good start is "what shouldn't I do".

This list is partially compiled from a post on the Facebook SCA Kingdom of the Middle page.


Gate (Troll)

  • Long lines. Especially near the peak check-in time for the event.
  • Poorly placed check-in tables.
  • Bad workflow to go from check-in (signing into the event, checking membership card), to the cash box to pay, to picking up your event token.
    • Not having a per-registration check-in.


  • The scheduled events not starting on time, or going over time. These two feed on each other.


  • No site maps. (Where is this thing at?)
  • Site maps that name things differently than the site owner has posted.
  • Lack of signs.
    • Signs aren't big enough.
  • No Info Point.
  • Lack of Accessible parking.
    • Lack of event contact/steward to arrange for handicap parking.
  • Lack of general accessibility considerations for the mobility impaired.
  • Lack of place to put stuff during the day.
    • Not specific to day camps. Coat check/cloak rooms, armor bags, etc.
    • Need a place to unload.
  • Lack of an appropriate clothes changing area.
  • Lack of open areas for hangout.


  • No, or poor master schedule.
  • Lack of good instructions to reach the site.
    • Address of site should be cleanly reachable from multiple online maps.
    • Good signs at key road points leading to site.
  • No information on website. (The infamous, "TBD" or "Coming soon!")
    • Or information that appears only a day or two before the event. This prevents pre-planning of whether you want to attend.
  • Inaccurate information on the website.
  • Bad website layout (structural).
  • Website design that interferes with its usability, especially on mobile devices.
  • Groups aren't experienced creating websites, thus leading to poor website planning or implementation. (Need templates!)
  • Lack of central place to coordinate ride-share.
  • Feast/lunch taverns don't post allergy information ahead of time, or provide a contact to inquire about it.
  • No list of nearby hotels.


  • Lack of volunteers.
    • Arguably, lack of planned staff. If your event requires a certain number of volunteers to run, and you don't get them, this is a failure of planning.
  • Bad communication channels during the event.
    • Who is charge of Thing
    • Do they know how to find the appropriate person
    • Are other event staff empowered to make decisions if that person can't be found? How do they communicate that decision afterwards?
  • Lunch taverns (or other easy food) lacking, causing people to need to leave site.
  • Lack of alternate activities. E.g. "what do you do if you're a non-fighter at a fighting event?"
  • Lack of "porters". I.e. people volunteering to help do unload, etc.
    • Important for mobility impaired individuals.
  • Lack of a "kid friendly" space.
  • No coordinated Crash Space

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